Our team

Pepi Play is an independent studio that creates applications for children. Pepi Play was founded in Vilnius, Lithuania in the end of 2011. Our team consists of professionals with experience in the new media field: video games, digital products, internet projects and advertising. Also we are parents and we have created Pepi Play for our own kids in the first place.

The idea was born when we saw how 2-year old child plays games with iPad. Even much younger baby knew what to do with the device and played in his own but quite informed way. It was obvious that some natural grounds are involved here; it clearly demonstrated how well a touchscreen meets the essential child’s tool of knowing the world – the sense of touch.

The quality content became the need and then the challenge for us.

Our guidelines and thoughts on apps for children

Children learn better when they do things they like. We think that a good app should teach a child something but it has not necessarily to be ‘educational’ in a form. New technologies offer variety of possibilities that we seek to embrace while making process of learning meaningful and interesting for a child.

Emotional background is the one that other apps often overlook. We see it as an integral and very important part of learning. Playing Pepi games kids get to know various emotions that characters express and experience them themselves. At the same time we avoid stress or win-lose situations in apps. With Pepi Play children develop their sense of humor instead.

We suggest parents to play along with their children and help with ideas or additional information. Playing Pepi games with siblings or friends gives even more fun and fosters skills of communication and sharing.

We believe we can create rich interactive experiences and set high standards for ourselves. Focus on details, selected colors and sounds as well as original hand-painted characters give Pepi Play a distinct pattern and, we believe, make them even more attractive for kids.