Pepi Play will share profit to support Autism Awareness


Lithuanian based game developer Pepi Play announces that it will donate one third of the revenue gained from the sales, of it’s award winning Apps Pepi Bath, and Pepi Bath 2. Charity campaign will last for the remainder of April to support global Autism Awareness campaigns.


PEPI BATH is a fun, educational app for kids, created to explain and encourage daily bath routines. Since it’s original launch, „Pepi Bath“ was most successful app ever crafted in „Pepi Play“ studio. Simple yet helpful app was quick to conquer hearts and minds of little players, parents and teachers. „Pepi Bath“ was highly praised in reviews and received multiple awards from children’s app websites, including those focusing on special needs.


„Pepi Play“ announces, that one third of a revenue received via sales of Pepi Bath and Pepi Bath 2 will be donated to support to Lithuanian Autism Association „Lietaus vaikai“ (Children of the Rain).


„Pepi Bath was never intended as an app for kids with autism, but huge part of it’s success was influenced by various communities focused on special needs“ — says head of a studio Adas

Griškevičius. „Our app was discovered and promoted online and on a word of mouth basis as a tiny little helper for parents all around the globe. We felt humbled by the feedback we received, and cherished this special relationship. We received many emails and comments online — it was a great source of inspiration and design ideas we used in our later games. Now, we’re more than happy to share part of our success“.


„Pepi Bath“ and „Pepi Bath 2“ can be downloaded at the App Store. Starting from April 27th and until 4th of May — 30% of revenues generated via sales of „Pepi Bath“ and „Pepi Bath 2“, will be donated to LAA „Lietaus vaikai“.




Lithuanian Autism Asociation „Lietaus Vaikai“ was founded in 2013, though the initiative to promote autism awareness, therapy courses and informational exchange between parents, was practiced years before that. LAA „Lietaus Vaikai“ is non-profit, public organization set to unite families as well as other organizations focused to help people with special needs. Association is organizing events and campaigns to promote, advocate and socially integrate affected families and drive further development of special programs and support amongst pedagogical community and within education system.