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Pepi Wonder World – a pretend play game with a world of endless fun and discoveries! Join your child on this adventure, encourage exploration and experimentation, and watch their imagination unfold!


Step into a Pepi Hospital and become doctor, patient or just a curious explorer! Experience the daily life of a hospital full of action.


Pepi Super Stores is a fun and safe edutainment for kids and their parents. Kids can invent their own scenarios and ways to play with thousands of items that can be found or created within Pepi Super Stores.


It’s a fun and safe educational game for kids about daily life in a household. Pepi House is a digital version of a classical toy — doll house.


Paint, customize, photoshoot your cars and unleash them into real world. It’s a perfect tool for little creators


Come one, Come all! Join us for a ride around colourful Pepi Island. Ride, explore and have fun commandeering unique car You just created!


Pepi Bath is a role-play game where children learn about hygiene in a fun way.


Pepi Bath 2 is a sequel to fan favourite and critically praised game Pepi Bath. Same at it’s core, but also expanded in every possible direction.


Pepi Tree is an educational game where children explore tree-dwelling animals and their habits in a fun way.


Pepi Doctor is a cheerful medicine-themed role game where children play a Doctor and cure three little patients Amber, Eva and Milo.