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Suggestions for parents

Explore the world of Doctors and health in a fun way.

Invite your child to take up a Doctors’ role and help three cute little characters Amber, Eva and Milo get better. It’s easy and fun to be a Doctor in this game, as there’s no win or lose situations, no points or time limits – during five mini-games, each dedicated for a different disease, your child can explore over 20 doctors’ tools and get to cure five different diseases at his own pace.

Aside of getting familiar with important Doctor’s matters, the game also has an emotional education background: the player learns through clearly expressed emotions of the characters. In the end of each episode, after successfully curing a disease, the Doctor will also get an emotional reward from the little patients and receive their smiles and applauds. In addition to all of this, we believe that PEPI Doctor also serves as a cheerful reminder of some hygiene and safe behavior habits!

Here at PEPI Play we honestly believe that good emotions are the best medicine and the best way to learn. So we simply had to make PEPI Doctor fun!

Recommended ages: 3-6

Please note: Pepi Play created Pepi Doctor with care and consideration. Yet we would like to remind that medical-themed app can be intimidating to small children due to the topic itself, therefore we recommend playing this app for the first time together with your child in order to make sure that he is not dismayed.

Have a nice play,
PEPI Play team

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