Hello and welcome to the Pepi Garage!

This is the cheeriest garage in the world for young car lovers, racers and creators. Four cute characters, each with their own ride are waiting for a tune up. Will it be peacefully colored and nature friendly green-mobile driven by lady Moose? Or perhaps you’re up for some rocket propelled action with sharks and bubble blowing tubes? Well it’s up to You to decide, while our garage provides endless possibilities!

Pepi Garage provides limitless possibilities for young creators. More paint, more brushes, more stickers and gadgets — all you need to create that uniquemobile of your dreams. Want to see it in action? No problem! Test track is set and ready to see some blazing action.

Pepi Garage game guide

There are 6 scenes in Pepi Garage — five of them are parts of the garage and provides different tools and choices. The sixth scene is a test track where kids can ride their vehicles. There’s also a couple of icons used to make pictures of your creations in real world, or virtual environments.

Scenes are controlled by simply tapping arrow buttons for navigation. Paints are applied by simply moving the finger across cars body, while the colors and brushes are selected by tapping on them. Gadgets and stickers applied by dragging and dropping, please note, that you may move and remove stickers and gadgets already fixed to the car.

• A screen were character is selected by tapping.

• Select colors by tapping or swiping color scale.
• Select brush size and or airbrush type by tapping on icons at the bottom of the screen.

• Here you may change wheels by simply dragging and dropping.

• Here you may add stickers to your creation. Stickers are applied via drag and drop. Stickers will try to adapt their position for perfect looks! You may remove any sticker by dragging it away from the car.

• This is the place where we store most advanced and cheerful gadgets of all times! Gadgets are fixed on car via drag and drop functions. You may review all gadgets in one category by simply tapping on them. Gadget that was tapped will disappear and will be replaced by new one. Don’t be afraid to experiment, all gadgets are looped, so you won’t lose any! Some gadgets have special effects. Some of these effects are only visible on the test track, so you better try them all!

• Test track may be accessed by tapping green icon with a vehicle on it. Once the track is loaded use pedals to accelerate or decelerate and/or change direction. Big red button does the jump, because it’s awesome! Also it may be used to evade obstacles and maintain speed in tricky areas. Please note that car controls may vary due to parts fixed while in garage, but we guarantee you that every car will be able to reach the finish line.
Photo studio may be accessed by tapping on blue icons.
Blue icon with camera will save a screenshot of your car with a Pepi Garage background.
Blue icon with landscape will enable the camera of your device. This will allow you to picture Your unique car in real world environment.

We Thank You for choosing our apps and we hope you’ll enjoy playing with them. Should you need any additional help, or have any questions/suggestions please contact us at: info@pepiplay.com