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Suggestions for parents

Invite your child to enjoy a very adventurous, yet safe and child-friendly Pepi Ride!

The app offers your child both creative and riding challenges, while preparing for the journey and traveling through Pepi Island. The fun begins in the garage, where little player is up to choose a car along with a character out of four cute little creatures that are all ready to start the engine! Let your little one use his creativity to customize the car and choose a color, adjust the wheels, and make a pick of funny stickers and all necessary gadgets for the journey around the Pepi Island. The pointer signs will help you to navigate; after finishing in the garage, look for the green map icon in the upper right to start your ride. If you don’t feel like redecorating the car once again, of course!

The second part of the game starts with the Pepi Ride Map that will guide little player around Pepi Island. There are 9 mini-scenes waiting ahead, gradually offering more challenges for the players – starting with simple hills and adding stumps, tree ropes, footbridges, rocks, balloons, chains, strongholds and castles, mountains and pitfalls, cactuses and beach balls as well and many other interesting obstacles to overcome. Bumpy, challenging, fun and engaging, each Pepi Ride mini-scene awards its players with more experience and three little gifts!

In the mini-scene of the first ride, at the bottom of the screen you‘ll see the tools that you‘ll operate while using Pepi Ride: the pedals (to go ahead and backwards), the speed indicator and the „jump“ button – make sure you use it in all “tricky” situations. At the top of the screen you‘ll see the sign of three presents and the map sign, and after each scene you‘ll see the pop-up with collected presents and “go back” and “map” icons – click on the later if you want to continue your ride!

Due to a wide range of game levels, Pepi Ride can equally engage both 3-4 year olds and their older siblings and friends. And at PEPI Play we honestly believe that it’s best to play the game along with your child for the first time, so we hope it’ll be fun for both!

Let’s start the engine, and have a fun ride!

Have a nice play,

PEPI Play team