Suggestions for parents

Explore tree-dwelling animals and their habits in a fun way.

The game has an educational background focusing on a tree as an eco-system or – using simpler words – a home for different animals. Playing the Tree children meet various kinds of animals from insects and spiders to birds and mammals which all live in the tree, under or somewhere near around it. Children get to know many facts about them: what they look like, what they eat and how they get their food, where exactly they live – in the branches, on the leaves or under the ground, when they sleep and many more. Encourage them playing and getting friends with those cute tree-dwellers.

Climb a tree up and down and meet lovely inhabitants there – a little worm, an owl, a spider, the squirrels, a hedgehog and a mole. Navigate by swiping the screen or pressing arrow buttons. Each of them lives on a separate “floor” of the tree and represents different tasks to accomplish what makes six mini games. Just press on a dweller of the tree and start the game.

Worm game
Feed a little worm and help him to become a beautiful butterfly! Touch the screen and drag your finger and the worm will follow. Be careful to eat all the food.

Owl game
Did you know that owls can see well in the dark so they hunt at night? Drag the circle and it will help you to see small tree-dwellers moving in the darkness. When you spot it, push on it. And that’s not all: after catching an animal drag it on a matching shape below.

Spider game
A spider is very hungry. First you have to make a web: drag the spider and stick the thread on radials. As the thread ends the flies start flying. Catch a fly and drag it on the net.

Squirrels game
A family of cheerful squirrels would likely go for a snack. Naughty one found many items in the forest, but are they all eatable? Push on food that squirrels like and feed them. After good meal it’s time for a nap.

Hedgehog game
With the help of a cloud, water this lovely meadow and let berries and mushrooms grow up. A hedgehog will love them very much. Feed the hedgehog with berries and put mushrooms on his needles.

Mole game
Moles live under the ground and makes tunnels there. Help the mole find his way home. Touch the screen and drag your finger and the mole will follow. On his way home feed the mole with some worms. After the mole reaches his house you have to open the door with a key – try to guess which one!