Pipette episode

Help our little character to remove ear bandages and get rid of those strangers in the ears. See, our little patient is feeling better already? Still, those ears still needs some cleaning, and here comes the Doctor’s bag. After cleaning the ears, look in the Doctor’s bag for a pipette with some ear drops (small hint – you can drag a pipette to pipette’s contour. When the pipette fits in, if will hang there  while you click on it to use it). See, the ears are not swollen anymore!

Bandage episode

Help your little patient to remove all the thorns from his body. Click the doctors’ bag to remove and use an anti-septic spray, look in the bag again and finish the work with the sticking-plaster!

X-ray episode

Use an X-ray monitor to localise a broken bone and click on it. The patient will be very grateful for dragging all the parts of his broken bone to where they belong. Use the Doctor’s bag to remove the plaster and put it on the patient’s arm. Thank you, it feels much better now!

Tooth episode

Let’s see what can help this swollen cheek – click on it for a close-up.  Can you see all those uninvited guests? Drag them to remove, and use a Doctor’s bag to find a tooth brush for those dark teeth.  Look in a Doctor’s bag for a drill for black spots on some teeth. Retrieve an anaesthetic from the Doctors bag (use a contour to leave it hanging in order to use it). Now take a deep breath… and drag this bad tooth out of the patient’s mouth! Thank you, we know it took some courage!

Thermometer episode

You can see that little patient has a fever. Click on a Doctors bag to get a thermometer and drag it up to the character’s arm (use a contour to leave it hanging it, and then click on it.). You may find some medicine in the Doctor’s bag, and then help the patient to drink it. Click a Doctor’s bag for some napkins to help the poor little patient with a running nose, and use a Doctor’s bag to find a nose spray (use a contour to hang it and push to use it). See, the temperature is falling! Still, let’s see what else we can find in Doctor’s bag – a mouth spray. Use it to fight all the microbes and bacteria and get all the applause you deserve!