Pepi Bath game guide

The app has 4 parts as different situations in which this cute character Pepi – a boy or a girl to choose – appears. Pepi Bath can be played both as a set process of cleaning or you can choose any of scenes in any sequence you like. Home sign returns you to the main menu.

Basic moves are drag and drop or tap with a finger; most moves imitate the real ones like combing the hair, brushing teeth and etc. After the scene is done home sign starts blinking and you can hear applauds and “Well done!”. In other situations Pepi’s reactions (face expressions, sounds) will help you understand if you are doing well too. In that case you will hear “Thank you!”, ”That’s nice”, “Well done” or an “Oh!” if you failed and have to repeat some move.

It’s easy, just try it!

1. Washing clothes/ laundry room
– Take off the shoes and drag them to the cupboard;
– Take off the clothes and put them into the washing machine one by one (drag and drop);
– Add the washing powder until the dispenser is full (drag and hold);
– Press the start button;
– Wait until the washing is done and the door opens;
– Take the clothes out and hang them out one by one (drag and drop);
– Also you can play with a laundry rope (try run the finger through it).

2. At the sink
– Wash Pepi’s hands: soap them (drag and rub), open hot and/or cold water tap and then close them (tap with a finger);
– Brush teeth (drag a toothbrush and move it in all directions as you do when you brush your teeth);
– Cut the nails one by one (drag and hold);
– Comb the hair (drag and imitate combing);
– Sneeze Pepi’s nose (you may need to do that for a several times);
– For fun reaction try to soap Pepi’s nose;
– Pop soap bubbles.

3. Going to a toilet
– Press Pepi’s tummy until it is empty (follow white spot sign);
– Take a piece of paper and wipe Pepi’s butt until it is clean (you will need several pieces of paper) and throw paper into a basket (drag and drop);
– Flush the toilet (drag);
– Play with colorful sprayers (drag and hold).

4. Taking a bath
– Shampoo Pepi’s hair and use the shower (drag and rub or hold); – Pour colorful soap into the bath (drag and hold);
– Open cold and/or cold water by tapping with a finger (you will know from Pepi’s reaction when it is too cold or too hot);
– Rinse Pepi’s feet with a soap;
– Pop soap bubbles (tap);
– Play with the duck (tap).