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Pepi Bath 2 game guide

There are 6 scenes in PEPI BATH 2. Each scene maybe played together with one the 4 possible characters. PEPI BATH 2 can be played as a set process of cleaning, or you can choose any of scenes in any sequence you like. Home sign returns player to the main menu. Basic moves are drag and drop, swipe or tap with a finger; Most moves mimics real life actions — combing hair, brushing teeth and etc. Player will hear the applause after the scene is done, and cross icon will starts blinking. In most cases Pepi’s reactions (face expressions, sounds) will help you understand if you are doing well. “Thank you!”, ”That’s nice”, “Well done” means you’re on a right path.
It’s easy, just try it!

• Press Pepi’s tummy until it is empty (follow white spot sign);
• Take a leaf of paper and help Pepi (you’ll need several pieces of paper);
• Flush the toilet (drag);
• Play with colourful sprayers (drag and hold).
• Tap the sink to wash Pepi’s
• Soap, rinse and dry Pepi’s hands.

• Wash Pepi’s hands: soap them (drag and rub), and rinse them under the water;
• Brush teeth: first squeeze some toothpaste onto the brush, then drag the toothbrush and brush Pepi’s teeth thoroughly.
• Cut the nails one by one (drag and hold);
• Comb the hair (drag and mimic combing);
• Sneeze Pepi’s nose (you may need to do that several times);
• Clean Pepi’s cheeks (gently swipe the paint with cotton pads);

• Take off the clothes (everything except underwear) and shoes and put them into the washing machine one by one (drag and drop);
• Add the washing powder until the dispenser is full (drag and hold);
• Press the start button (water droplet);
• Press indicated buttons on the washing machine, until the program is complete and the door opens;
• Take the clothes out and place them into laundry basket (drag and drop);
• Oh no! Pepi is freezing! Quick, get a bathrobe! (try run the finger through it).

• Shampoo Pepi’s hair and rinse with a shower (drag and rub or hold);
• Pour colorful soap into the bath (drag and hold);
• Use water tap to add more water and foam!
• Rinse Pepi’s feet with a sponge;
• Tap the duck icon to play in bath.

• Dry Pepi with a towel (drag and rub).
• Use hair dryer to dry Pepi’s hair.
• Comb Pepi’s hair.
• Use some perfume if you feel like it.
• Help Pepi dress. Pick shoes, socks, pants, shirts and pajamas. (Drag and drop). Player must use a single item in each category (shoes, socks, pants etc.) to fully dress Pepi and receive applause.

• Drag and drop clothes from a laundry basket.
• Iron clothes. (Drag and rub).
• Fold clothes by swiping folding marks.
• Drag and drop ironed and folded item into corresponding drawer.